Gujarat Titans 2022 IPL Season Analysis

GUJARAT TITANS 2022 IPL SEASON ANALYSIS                                                                                          Cricket is a team game, and helped by individual brilliance on that particular day. One team that clearly defined the above statement in IPL 2022 was the title-winning team Gujarat Titans. Nobody gave them a chance when the auctions were over. However, Gujarat Titans defied all the odds against them to become the 2nd team to win an IPL trophy in their maiden season. They won the finals against the […]

India Tour of England Rescheduled 5th Test Match 2022

India toured England in 2021 for a 5 match test series to kick off the second edition of the World Test Championship cycle 2021-2023. The 5th test was postponed indefinitely due to Covid 19 pandemic and the series stands at 2-1 in favor of India. The 5th Test between England and India is scheduled to be held between July 1-5 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. An interesting fact is that both teams will be having a new skipper leading their respective teams. Rohit Sharma for India and Ben Stokes for England. Also, both the teams have new head coaches – Rahul Dravid and Brendon McCullum. The reports say that Rohit Sharma had tested positive for Covid on June 26, 2022, and if […]

Fetching CricScore easily in Python 3

Using CricketData API in Python is very simple. We’ll assume you know how to work with data in Python, so we’ll just fetch the API data and give it to you in a Python variable named “data”. Thereafter you can manipulate the variable ‘data’ and display / process the output as you see fit! In Python 3, use this code: import urllib.request, json with urllib.request.urlopen(“”) as url: data = json.loads( print(data) Replace %APIKEY% with your API key. And that’s it! The output will be as per the screenshot below

Analysis of awesome crazy overs in Cricket!

Analyzing Crazy Overs

KKR VS MI Match 14 IPL 2022: CRAZY OVER NO 16 Over: 64662NB46 It’s the 14th match of IPL 2022 between MI and KKR at MCA, Pune. KKR are chasing 162. At 15 overs, they are at 127/5 with 35 runs needed off 30 balls. One would think that the odds favour the batting side and rightly so. KKR had Pat Cummins (22* off 8) and Venkatesh Iyer (50* off 41) at the crease and the rest were tail enders to follow. Of the 30 balls, 6 balls are to be bowled by Bumrah, so you would give the bowling side a fair bit of chance. But that one over which succeeded sealed the deal for the Knight Riders. What happened? […]