About CricAPI

Know more about Cricket API

The desire to provide high quality cricket data at affordable prices remains with us. We use a high performance AI engine with human entry to capture real time information about matches, analyze it and make it available through our systems.

We don’t scrape data from any site, and anything you get on CricketData is produced directly by our own team, and analyzed by our own algorithms. You can rest assured of the quality and consistency of data.

At this time we’re still building up our team, so do check out the Careers page if you’d like to join us and get paid to watch cricket! (T&C apply).


About CricAPI

This is the history of CricAPI, the predecessor of CricketData.org.

CricAPI was a meant to be an experiment in providing top-quality data at an affordable price. We wanted to ensure data was not hoarded by a select few, and its made available to the general public – in this case in the form of Cricket API. If you’d been using it, you’d know of course that our API were high performance, zero downtime, secure (SSL) and that our team were always there for you.

Naturally we had our own costs to cover, and thus the Fantasy API are made as Paid api – they were designed to earn money for you, the Fantasy Cricket Website owner. All the other 6 API are free, 100,000 hits per hour high performance for everyone.

CricAPI’s servers are a High Performance server cluster designed to ensure you get your scores 24×7, 365 days a year! (More in leap years of course). Be confident with your usage of CricAPI – we are rock solid, always reliable and always available.

CricAPI was shut down due to COVID and could not afford a restart, and has been taken over by CricketData.org since Dec 2021.