Proof that India never had a chance

The India vs England semi-final has a lot of people debating whether India had a chance, or not. One only needs to see the Worm chart (refer ) and you will see exactly what we mean This clearly tell you that England (red line) were on the high side right from the beginning. India NEVER had a CHANCE. India’s loss was pretty much guaranteed at around the 10th over, as the gap between the two lines increases substantially thereon. The feeling I get is of rushing up a long staircase, and tripping at the last step just to hit one’s nose and then slide down all the way back with no more control, laying in a heap right at […]

WordPress Plugin For Widget

User Guide For Widget WordPress Plugin In WordPress, a plugin is a small software application that extends the features and functions of a WordPress website. The WordPress plugin API offers a robust set of hooks and filters which allow developers to modify existing WordPress functionality or add new functionality. They make it easier for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code. This plugin inserts the CricketData Widget script into your site, simplifying implementation for non-technical WordPress users Follow The Steps 1 Open your WordPress account, click the admin sidebar, click the plugin, and then select the “Add New” option from the menu in the admin sidebar. 2 The choose file option will appear on the […]

Fetching CricScore easily in Python 3

Using CricketData API in Python is very simple. We’ll assume you know how to work with data in Python, so we’ll just fetch the API data and give it to you in a Python variable named “data”. Thereafter you can manipulate the variable ‘data’ and display / process the output as you see fit! In Python 3, use this code: import urllib.request, json with urllib.request.urlopen(“”) as url: data = json.loads( print(data) Replace %APIKEY% with your API key. And that’s it! The output will be as per the screenshot below

IPL 2022 Qualifiers, Semis and Finals!

IPL 2022 Qualifiers / Semis / Finals assets – to use in your site! Set III of the Complementary assets made as FanArt by the CricketData team designers – you can download and use these as you need. The images are 1280×600 pixels and fully optimized for web/app use. Get Set 1 here: Get Set 2 here.   We’ve released BOTH possible variations of the IPL Finals – so that way you’re well prepared as soon as tomorrow’s (27 May 2022) match gets over! Last update 26 May 2022 Finals Variation 1 Finals Variation 2

Fantasy Cricket is not Gambling court judgement 2021

Games of Skill and Fantasy Sports in the United States of America The principal federal statute that deals with online fantasy sports in the U.S. is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, 2006 (“UIGEA 2006”) which was enacted to combat internet gambling. The UICEA 2006 specifically exempts from its purview any fantasy sports games that “have an outcome that reflects the relative knowledge of the participants, or their skill at physical reaction or physical manipulation (but not chance), and, has an outcome that is determined predominantly by accumulated statistical results of sporting events, including any individual performances in such sporting events.” and satisfy the below criteria: • All prizes and awards offered to winning participants are established and made known […]

About CricAPI

Know more about Cricket API The desire to provide high quality cricket data at affordable prices remains with us. We use a high performance AI engine with human entry to capture real time information about matches, analyze it and make it available through our systems. We don’t scrape data from any site, and anything you get on CricketData is produced directly by our own team, and analyzed by our own algorithms. You can rest assured of the quality and consistency of data. At this time we’re still building up our team, so do check out the Careers page if you’d like to join us and get paid to watch cricket! (T&C apply).   About CricAPI This is the history of […]

v1.0 Launch 1st May 2022

CricketData v1.0 is moving from BETA into v1.0 LAUNCH mode today. Thank you for being with us for the BETA and your feedback was most valuable! YES we will continue to accept your precious feedback even in future, so reach out on any time 24×7 and we’ll try to revert ASAP. Accordingly, Fantasy APIs are now NOT free anymore. Please take a paid plan if you wish to use them consistently. We won’t block you, but if you still use Fantasy APIs in the Lifetime Free plan, it will cost you 10 credits per hit. If you have a paid plan, Fantasy APIs will only cost you 1 credit per hit. The cheapest $5.99 plan is very affordable and […]

Build your Fantasy Cricket platform using CricAPI

Default Rules for Fantasy Points API

Here are the default rules for the Fantasy Points API. You should preferably sign up and create your own Rule Set so Fantasy Points are calculated as per YOUR preference, this will make it easier to integrate the platform. “PER” means the rule applies for every such event. Otherwise the it applies just ONCE. “BONUS” points can be cumulative.   You can also Make your OWN Rules   Fantasy Points for Batting The key metric for batting is “Runs”. The secondary metric is “Strike Rate”. Calculations are done accordingly. Key metric (Runs) points: +1 point PER run +1 point PER four +2 points PER six -2 points if dismissed for a 0 Bonus Points +4 bonus points for scoring 30 […]

26 March IPL 2022 Matches 48-70

IPL 2022 Match assets – SET II – to use in your site! Set II of the Complementary assets made as FanArt by the CricketData team designers – you can download and use these as you need. The images are 1280×600 pixels and fully optimized for web/app use. All match banners will be available once the remaining matches are declared. Get Set 1 here: IPL-Match-36-RCB-vs-SH IPL-Match-37-LSG-vs-MI IPL-Match-38-PK-vs-CSK IPL-Match-39-RCB-vs-RR IPL-Match-40-GT-vs-SH IPL-Match-41-DC-vs-KKR IPL-Match-42-PK-vs-LSG IPL-Match-43-GT-vs-RCB IPL-Match-44-RR-vs-MI IPL-Match-45-DC-vs-LSG IPL-Match-46-SH-vs-CSK IPL-Match-47-KKR-vs-RR IPL-Match-48-GT-vs-PK IPL-Match-49-RCB-vs-CSK IPL-Match-50-DC-vs-SH IPL-Match-51-GT-vs-MI IPL-Match-52-PK-vs-RR IPL-Match-53-LSG-vs-KKR IPL-Match-54-SH-vs-RCB IPL-Match-55-CSK-vs-DC IPL-Match-56-MI-vs-KKR IPL-Match-57-LSG-vs-GT IPL-Match-58-RR-vs-DC IPL-Match-59-CSK-vs-MI IPL-Match-60-RCB-vs-PK IPL-Match-61-KKR-vs-SH IPL-Match-62-CSK-vs-GT IPL-Match-63-LSG-vs-RR IPL-Match-64-PK-vs-DC IPL-Match-65-MI-vs-SH IPL-Match-66-KKR-vs-LSG IPL-Match-67-RCB-vs-GT IPL-Match-68-RR-vs-CSK IPL-Match-69-MI-vs-DC IPL-Match-70-SH-vs-PK

25 March IPL 2022 Match Assets (FanArt)

IPL 2022 Match assets to use in your site! Complementary assets made as FanArt by the CricketData team designers – you can download and use these as you need. The images are 1280×600 pixels and fully optimized for web/app use. All match banners will be available once the remaining matches are declared. Set II of the assets are available here – IPL-Match-1-CSK-vs-KKR IPL-Match-2-DC-vs-MI IPL-Match-3-PK-vs-RCB IPL-Match-4-GT-vs-LSG IPL-Match-5-SH-vs-RR IPL-Match-6-RCB-vs-KKR IPL-Match-7-LSG-vs-CSK IPL-Match-8-KKR-vs-PK IPL-Match-9-MI-vs-RR IPL-Match-10-GT-vs-DC IPL-Match-11-CSK-vs-PK IPL-Match-12-SH-vs-LSG IPL-Match-13-RR-vs-RCB IPL-Match-14-KKR-vs-MI IPL-Match-15-LSG-vs-DC IPL-Match-16-PK-vs-GT IPL-Match-17-CSK-vs-SH IPL-Match-18-RCB-vs-MI IPL-Match-19-KKR-vs-DC IPL-Match-20-RR-vs-LSG IPL-Match-21-SH-vs-GT IPL-Match-22-CSK-vs-RCB IPL-Match-23-MI-vs-PK IPL-Match-24-RR-vs-GT IPL-Match-25-SH-vs-KKR IPL-Match-26-MI-vs-LSG IPL-Match-27-DC-vs-RCB IPL-Match-28-PK-vs-SH IPL-Match-29-GT-vs-CSK IPL-Match-30-RR-vs-KKR IPL-Match-31-LSG-vs-RCB IPL-Match-32-DC-vs-PK IPL-Match-33-MI-vs-CSK IPL-Match-34-DC-vs-RR IPL-Match-35-KKR-vs-GT

Some frequently asked questions about the Cricket Data API and CricAPI

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Cricket Live Scores API Will buying different pricing tiered plans have different features? The difference between Lifetime Free and Paid plans is the number of requests you are allowed to make to fetch Match, Score, Series, etc data. You will have access to all of the Cricket Data API’s features from the Lifetime Free plan. The data is the same – but how frequently you can invoke the API will change. There is a Daily Quota concept and not Hourly or Monthly. Can we use the cricket live scores API to get photographs of the players? Not yet, because we are still working on this. Right now you can get player details but not […]