Proof that India never had a chance

The India vs England semi-final has a lot of people debating whether India had a chance, or not. One only needs to see the Worm chart (refer ) and you will see exactly what we mean This clearly tell you that England (red line) were on the high side right from the beginning. India NEVER had a CHANCE. India’s loss was pretty much guaranteed at around the 10th over, as the gap between the two lines increases substantially thereon. The feeling I get is of rushing up a long staircase, and tripping at the last step just to hit one’s nose and then slide down all the way back with no more control, laying in a heap right at […]

Performance Analysis Of India In Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022 was a fantastic and thrilling event every match was one-sided and each match gave us thrills and excitement. Almost every game was a nail-biter. The Sri Lankan team, who were the least likely to compete in this competition, won the Asia Cup 2022 title. They proved that they were not the underdog they are the champions. India In Asia Cup 2022 The Indian team came up as the first contender who can win this tournament.  The team came up with a full-strength squad though the two main frontline bowlers were missing in the squad Japsrit Bhumra and Harshal Patel due to injury. India start off the season with two victories and qualified for the super 4, however […]