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Cricket Scores API

These are part of the “Current Matches” API. You can read the guide for current matches here.

Cricket scoring depends on the number of runs and wickets taken. The useful stats for this “Runs” & “Wickets” are available in the “Score” parameter of the Current Matches API.

A wicket consists of three stumps, with two wooden bails on top. Each team takes turns to bat and bowl – when a team is batting, they attempt to score as many runs as possible while the bowling team aims to eliminate as many wickets as possible while conceding the minimum possible runs.

In the “Score”, you will get Runs, Wickets and Overs played. Also the name of the playing team and the specific Inning that score is based upon.

Basic APIs like current matches are Lifetime Free since they’re not designed to help you generate income. Naturally this goes under the free plan with a very generous consumption limit (100 hits per day). During the BETA period you can try out all APIs at no extra cost.