How to get started with Cricket Data

Cricket Data is a cricket API platform that provides daily cricket updates such as scores, fixtures, player details, series details, results, and additional fantasy cricket information such as ball by ball, scorecards, and fantasy match points. In short, it is one solution for all cricket lovers who want to build their applications or websites in cricket. Additionally, cricket data also provides free score widgets you can add to your website and blog. 

Step 1

Open the cricket data website by clicking the link

Click on the signup/log in button to register if you are a new user 

Step 2

After clicking the button, you will be sent to the login page. If you have already registered, use your registered email address and password to log in. If not, click the signup  to do so.

Step 3

Sign up link will take you to the sign page where it will ask for your email id, username, and simple math calculation. Following your successful registration, an email with your password for accessing cricket data will be sent to the registered email address.

Step 4

When you arrive at the login screen after completing the registration process, enter the registered email address and password that you received in your email inbox. If it displays incorrect credentials, please double-check that you have entered the proper email address and password.

Step 5

After successful login, you will arrive on the dashboard page. On the dashboard page, you will see your lifetime free API key which will allow you 100 hits per day to test the API .

1 Hit = 1 use of API 

On the dashboard page, you can track your API hits .

Where to find APIs?

The test API option is available in the dashboard’s menu bar; clicking on it will take you to the API playground, where you can see and test all of the APIs that we provide.

How to test the API?

In the API test playground click on every API For e.g – when we click on the current matches API you will see the list of current matches. Similarly, you can test other APIs as well to test the API again click on the Hit API button.

Remember any testing you do will count towards your API limit, this is to prevent misuse. 

APIs in detail

The working of API or what is the structure of API can see in the API Documentation for all the APIs

Cricket Data provides high-quality APIs with reasonable pricing Pricing is determined by the number of API hits per day, which starts at 100 in the free API and gradually increases in the various paid plans.