Some frequently asked questions about the Cricket Data API and CricAPI

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Cricket Live Scores API

Will buying different pricing tiered plans have different features?
The difference between Lifetime Free and Paid plans is the number of requests you are allowed to make to fetch Match, Score, Series, etc data. You will have access to all of the Cricket Data API’s features from the Lifetime Free plan. The data is the same – but how frequently you can invoke the API will change. There is a Daily Quota concept and not Hourly or Monthly.

Can we use the cricket live scores API to get photographs of the players?
Not yet, because we are still working on this. Right now you can get player details but not the photograph / player image.

Does this API offer Cricket Odds or betting tips of the matches?
No, the API doesn’t provide the odds or betting information for the Cricket matches.

How often is the match list updated?
Matches will have the upcoming list of games approximately 1-2 weeks in advance.

Does this API offer live scores or offer Inning/Over summaries?
Yes, scores are updated to the minute and summaries can be viewed in the Matches Live & Scorecard summary. Also ball by ball API is present which can be used to perform the calculation if you need to do it yourself to fit a specific requirement.

Does this API offer detailed scorecard information of matches such as player of the match?
Yes, detailed Cricket Data Scorecards with details of scores as well as player of the match is accessible using the Fantasy Scorecard API.